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Sper Scientific Product Demonstrations and Instructional Videos

Waterproof Refractometer Calibration

Bluetooth Datalogger Meters

Bluetooth Datalogging Thermo-Hygrometer & 4 Channel Thermometer Demo

Food Safety Thermometer with IR Demo

Scanning Moisture Meter Demo

Pocket Moisture Meter Demo

Sound Recorder/Datalogger Demo

Acoustical Sound Meter Calibration

WBGT Meter with Color-Coded
LCD Alerts Demo

Infrared IR Thermometer LED Pen Demo

Programmable Refractometer Demo

Water Quality Meter and Kit with Interchangeable Probes

How to Calibrate Bench Top Conductivity Meter

How To Calibrate Bench Top
pH Meter

Heat Stress Meters & Monitors

How To Calibrate the Advanced
pH Meter 

How To Test the pH of Sushi Rice

Heat Stress Meters & Monitors

How to Calibrate an
Optical Refractometer

Sper Scientific Refractometers

Datalogging Manometer Demo

Mini Environmental Quality Meters

Understanding & Using
IR Thermometers

Sper Scientific IR Thermometer Gun 12:1 Demo

RH / Temperature Meter - Pen Style

Laser Power & Light Pocket Meters

Advanced Datalogging Sound Meter Demo

Self-Contained Datalogger Demo

SD Card Dataloggers Demo Anemometer, pH, RH, Temperature, Heat Stress, Light Meter

Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Pen Style Demo

Large Display Water Quality Pens Demo - pH, Salinity, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen

Ph Meter Pen Demo