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Type K Ambient Thermometer Probe

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The primary difference between Type J and Type K thermocouples is the measuring range, and the sensitivity. Type K is the most common general purpose thermocouple with a sensitivity of approximately 41 µV/°C.

A wide variety of probes are available in its −50°C to +900°C / -58°F to +1652°F range. Type K wire color standard is yellow (+) and red (-). Type J has a more restricted range of −50 to +400°C, but higher sensitivity of about 50 µV/°C. Type J wire color standard is white (+) and red (-).

Ambient Thermometer Probe
Type Application Temperature Range Dimensions
K Fast response in air & gas.
Sheath protected element
-50 to 600ºC
-58 to 1112ºF
Handle Length: 4.5" (114 mm)
Probe Length: 8" (203 mm)
Probe Diam: 11 mm
Max Cord Length: 40"

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