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Sper Scientific Product Demonstrations and Instructional Videos

Waterproof Refractometer Calibration

Bluetooth Datalogger Meters

Bluetooth Datalogging Thermo-Hygrometer & 4 Channel Thermometer Demo

Food Safety Thermometer with IR Demo

Scanning Moisture Meter Demo

Pocket Moisture Meter Demo

Sound Recorder/Datalogger Demo

Acoustical Sound Meter Calibration

WBGT Meter with Color-Coded
LCD Alerts Demo

Bluetooth IR Pen Demo

Bluetooth IR Pen -
Smartphone App Demo

Water Quality Meter and Kit with Interchangeable Probes

How to Calibrate Bench Top Conductivity Meter

How To Calibrate Bench Top
pH Meter

Heat Stress Meters & Monitors

How To Calibrate the Advanced
pH Meter 

How To Test the pH of Sushi Rice

Heat Stress Meters & Monitors

How to Calibrate an
Optical Refractometer

Sper Scientific Refractometers

Datalogging Manometer Demo

Mini Environmental Quality Meters

Understanding & Using
IR Thermometers

Sper Scientific IR Thermometer Gun 12:1 Demo

RH / Temperature Meter - Pen Style

Laser Power & Light Pocket Meters

Advanced Datalogging Sound Meter Demo

Self-Contained Datalogger Demo

SD Card Dataloggers Demo Anemometer, pH, RH, Temperature, Heat Stress, Light Meter

Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Pen Style Demo

Large Display Water Quality Pens Demo - pH, Salinity, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen

Ph Meter Pen Demo

Infrared IR Thermometer LED Pen Demo

Programmable Refractometer Demo