Brix Sugar Refractometer with ATC - 0-80%
Brix Sugar Refractometer with ATC - 0-80%
Brix Sugar Refractometer with ATC - 0-80%
Brix Sugar Refractometer with ATC - 0-80%

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Brix Sugar Refractometer with ATC - 0-80%

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Brix Sugar Refractometer for working with sugar related liquids such as fruit juice, soft drinks, wine and honey to help monitor and control sugar concentrations in foods and beverages.

A refractometer measures the extent to which light is bent (refracted) through a liquid sample. They are commonly used to help identify or confirm the identity of a sample, assess the purity of a sample, or determine the concentration of a solute in a solution. 

This hand-held refractometer with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) is specifically designed to measure brix in fruits, vegetables, juices, honey, wine etc. It is an optical device which is easy to use, light weight and accurate.

This is a well made, high quality optical instrument and comes complete with a hard carrying case, bulb filler, screwdriver and instructions. With reasonable care, their reliability, precision and optical performance will last a lifetime.

  • Soft rubber eye piece for comfortable viewing
  • Comfortable non-slip rubber grip
  • Measurement scale provides direct reading
  • Accurate testing results
  • Extremely easy to use and calibrate
  • Durable and built to last
  • Adjustable manual focus
  • No battery or power source required

Sper Certified *Certification Option
Certificate of Calibration available at additional cost (Select option above).

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1.5 x 1.5 x 6 inches

200 gms



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