Bluetooth Anemometer
Bluetooth Anemometer
Bluetooth Anemometer
Bluetooth Anemometer
Bluetooth Anemometer
Bluetooth Anemometer
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Bluetooth Anemometer

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Wirelessly display, log, and transfer readings.

Sper Scientific’s Bluetooth® Anemometer Meter is small, light, and simple to use. Simultaneously displays air temperature in °C or °F, and air velocity in 5 units of measure, on the meter’s large 1-½” high backlit display. Features minimum and maximum hold (peak), data hold and moving average functions. The meter offersthe convenience of Bluetooth® for wireless communication with free iOS and Android Apps. Results can also be remotely viewed on your smartphone in real time, saved and exported. This enables the meter to be used as a remote wireless probe and as a datalogger. Comes ready to use with instructions, tripod screw, and a 9V battery.

Dimensions: (213 × 54 × 36 mm)
Weight: 6 oz. (172 g)

Unit of Measure: Range: Resolution: Accuracy:
Airspeed m/s 1.10 to 25 0.01 ±3% rdg + 0.30 m/s
Airspeed km/h 4.0 to 90 0.1 ±3% rdg + 1.0 km/h
Airspeed ft/min 220 to 4920 1 ±3% rdg + 40 ft/min
Airspeed mph 2.5 to 56.0 0.1 ±3% rdg + 0.4 MPH
Airspeed knots 2.2 to 48.0 0.1 ±3% rdg + 0.4 knots
Temperature °F 14 to 140 0.1 ±2°F
Temperature °C -10 to 60 0.1 ±1°C
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1 Year Warranty

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