Benchtop Multi-Parameter Water Meter
Benchtop Multi-Parameter Water Meter
Benchtop Multi-Parameter Water Meter
Benchtop Multi-Parameter Water Meter

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Benchtop Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter with USB/SD Datalogging - pH/DO/Conductivity

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Introducing our state-of-the-art Benchtop Multi-Parameter Water Meter, the perfect solution for comprehensive water analysis.

This innovative instrument integrates advanced electronics, sensors, and software design to measure a variety of parameters, including pH, EC, DO, TDS, temperature, and more. Its compact and portable design makes it ideal for use in industrial and mining enterprises, power plants, labs and environmental applications.

The meter is equipped with a built-in microprocessor, offering automatic calibration, temperature compensation (both manual and automatic), data storage, function settings, automatic shutdown and low voltage alarms. These intelligent features ensure ease of use and reliable performance in various testing conditions. The digital filtering and slip techniques enhance the meter's response speed and data accuracy, providing precise and trustworthy results.

The meter comes with a range of sophisticated features:

  • 5 inch backlit LCD screen with wide 150° viewing angle
  • Built-in microprocessor chip with automatic calibration
  • Automatic and manual temperature compensation
  • Data storage and function settings 
  • Automatic shutdown and low voltage alarm
  • Manual salinity compensation and air pressure compensation
  • Support for 1 point calibration
  • Automatic recognition of 15 buffers (European & USA, NIST, and China)
  • Support for 1, 2 or 3 point calibration for pH electrode
  • Compact bench cradle with rotary electrode holder saves space in lab
  • Small size and easy portability
  • Extendibility: Includes electrodes to test pH, conductivity and DO
  • Auto recognition of different electrodes after electrode is connected
  • 3.5 mm jack input for electrodes makes it very easy for electrode connection
  • USB and SD card interfaces for power and data transfer
  • Can store 300 pieces of data internally including: readings, date and time
  • Rechargeable, long lasting battery
  • Auto shut off after ten minutes

Complete kit includes:  

  • L-530 pH/EC/DO meter
  • pH electrode
  • Conductivity electrode
  • Standard buffers
  • DO membrane cap
  • DO electrolyte
  • Power adapter
  • USB thumb drive with user manual

Tablet Dimensions: 7.5" x 5" x 0.4" (190×130×10 mm)
Probe Arm Length: Approx. 16" (152 mm) fully extended
Weight: 10 oz. (280g)

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Measuring Range

(-2.00~19.99) pH


0.1/0.01 pH


Electrode: ±0.01pH, Instrument: ±0.02 pH

Input Current

≤2×10-12 A

Input Impedance

≥1×1012 Ω


±0.01 pH/3h

Temperature Compensation

(0~100)°C (automatic/manual)


Conductivity (mV)

Measuring Range

-1999 mV~0~1999 mV





Measuring Range

Conductivity: (0.00~19.99) μs/cm (200~1999) μs/cm (20.0~199.9) ms/cm
TDS: (0
~100) g/L
Salinity: (0
~100) ppt Resistivity: (0~100)MΩ·cm

(20.0~199.9) μs/cm (2.00~19.99) ms/cm


0.01/0.1/1μs/cm, 0.01/0.1 ms/cm


Electrode: ±1.0%FS, Instrument: ±1.5%FS

Temperature Compensation

(0~100)°C (Automatic/manual)

Electrode Constant


Reference Temperature

25°C, 20°C, 18°C

Dissolved Oxygen

Measuring range

(0~90.00)mg/L(ppm), (0~200.0)%


0.1/0.01 mg/L(ppm), 1/0.1%


Electrode:±0.10 mg/L Instrument: ±0.40mg/L

Response time

≤30s (25°C,90% response)

Residual current

≤0.1 mg/L


Temperature compensation

(0~99)°C (Auto/Manual)

Salinity compensation


Air pressure compensation

(0~200) kPa(Manual)

Automatic calibration

Air saturated with water, water saturated with air

Electrode type



Working Conditions

Data Storage

300 sets

Storage Contents

Series number, measuring value, unit, temperature and time


AC Adapter / Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Size & Weight

190×130×10 mm / 280g

Ambient Temperature

5~35°C (grade0.01)



IP Grade


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