2-Pt. Acoustical Calibrator - Class 1
2-Pt. Acoustical Calibrator - Class 1
2-Pt. Acoustical Calibrator - Class 1
2-Pt. Acoustical Calibrator - Class 1

Sper Scientific


2-Pt. Acoustical Calibrator - Class 1

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For calibration of all Sper Scientific digital sound meters and any sound meter with a ½" microphone.

The 850013 Sound Level Calibrator is used to calibrate the sensitivity of the microphone and sound level measuring equipment. The design is based on the  feedback method to ensure a highly stable sound pressure level. This compact and ergonomic sound calibrator conforms to ANSI S1.40-1984 and IEC60942 (2003) Class 1 standard, and is perfect for calibrating Type 1 sound level meters with 1/2" microphones.

To use, simply place the calibrator onto the digital sound meter’s microphone, turn on the calibrator, and adjust the meter’s reading to either 94 or 114 dB. Operates at a frequency of 1KHz ±1% with an accuracy of ±0.3 dB for 94 dB and ±0.5 dB for 114 dB levels, and features a built-in battery indicator. Small and light, it is easily portable for field use. 

  • Standard sound level settings at 94dB and 114dB
  • Low battery indictor
  • Harmonic wave distortion of ±3%.
  • Output feedback detection
Works with the following Sper Scientific class 1 sound meters:

Comes with a carrying case, instructions and 9V battery.


 IEC 60942(2003) and ANSI S1.40. (1984)

 Sound Pressure Levels

 94 and 114 dB (reference of 2x10-5Pa)


 94 ± 0.3 dB and 114 ± 0.5dB


 1000Hz ± 1%.


 ≤ 3 %


 2.5" x  5.25"


12.35 oz. (including 9V battery)

 Stable Times




 Atmospheric Pressure


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