Lab Digital Refractometer - Programmable - Sper Scientific Direct
Lab Digital Refractometer - Programmable - Sper Scientific Direct
Lab Digital Refractometer - Programmable - Sper Scientific Direct

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Lab Digital Refractometer - Programmable

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This programmable refractometer comes preloaded with the commonly used Brix (0 to 95%) and nD (refractive index) scales. In addition you may create your own custom scales. An unlimited number of scales can be stored in the software’s database. Transfer these from your computer to the three numbered display positions on the Programmable Refractometer using the built-in USB computer interface. Scales can be loaded and unloaded from your database to your refractometer at any time. Test results can be saved to your computer, graphed and analyzed. Reads samples as small as 0.4 ml with full scale accuracy of 0.1% using CCD scanner (= linear scanned array imaging) technology. Measurement results, unit of measure and sample temperature are all displayed on the large LCD and visual alarms are indicated by a red LED.

The programmable refractometer's sophisticated microprocessor provides automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation and automatic shutoff (after 3 minutes). Features one button calibration to distilled water and indicates when the battery should be replaced (5000 readings). Scratch resistant sapphire crystal lens. Comes ready to use with a 9V battery, distilled water, transfer-pipette, cable, AC adapter, instructions and a protective case. Software is available to download and install directly to your computer. Please click the software link above.

We can create digital refractometers with custom scales according to your data or requirements for a minimum order of 100 units.

Dimensions: 7" × 4" × 2½" (180 × 100 × 65 mm)
Weight: 18 oz (500 g)

Unit of Measure Range Resolution Accuracy
Temperature °C 0 to 40°C 0.1 1°C
Temperature °F 32 to 104°F 0.1 2°F
Brix 0 to 95% 0.1% ±0.2%
Refractive Index
+ up to 3 custom scales
1.3330 to 1.5318 0.0001 ±0.001
1 Year Warranty
Water Resistant

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