Why Is Temperature Important?

Sper Scientific Humidity Monitor Temperature/RH

 800013 Sper Scientific Dataloggger RH/Temperature Pen  800027 Sper Scientific In-Out Humidity/Temperature Monitor

Temperature plays a crucial role in medical care (both humans and animals), food, beverages, and agriculture. Our overall health is often reliant upon temperature in many ways as well.

Maintaining proper temperature levels in medical cold storage areas is critical.  Incorrect temperatures can compromise the medications or vaccines stored in medical refrigerators. High temperature and high humidity are the two most important factors in drug degradation. When exposed to these conditions, the medications can weaken. Moreover, you can face fines or penalties if your medical refrigerators are not performing properly.

The CDC conducted a study that highlighted the improper storage and handling of vaccines. Unfortunately, 76 percent of the selected 45 providers in the study had some vaccines exposed to temperatures that were not within the cold chain range for a period-of-time. This study triggered the CDC to make changes and clarifications in guidance and requirements for vaccine care.

Sper Scientific offers a full range of temperature/humidity, barometers, dew point, infrared (IR) and thermocouples to help measure indoor and outdoor climatic conditions. Our temperature and humidity product lineup includes: pocket thermometers, dataloggers, min-max thermometers, and temperature monitors.

By using a certified thermometer from Sper Scientific you will know right away if your cold storage unit is working or not.  Here are some items you should consider before you purchase a thermometer for medical cold storage

Use the right thermometer for your needs

Sper Scientific offers several different types of thermometers.  Some of these are dataloggers and other are monitors.  A datalogger would be an ideal selection if you needed a log of the temperatures.  The self- contained datalogger (800054) and Datalogging RH/Temperature pen (800013) are often chosen by customers that need to record their data over periods of time.  If you only need to know the min-max over the weekend our In-Out Humidity/Temperature Monitor (800027) is an ideal economical choice.

Order your Thermometer with a Traceable to N.I.S.T. Certification

There is an increasing requirement by customers for documentation supporting manufacturer’s claims of accuracy on their scientific equipment. This is partially due to the increasing acceptance of quality standards, such as ISO 9000 and GMP/GLP, which require that periodic certification of test equipment be performed and documented. We at Sper Scientific believe this trend is highly justified. To help, we have instituted this program of certification. Most testing is done in-house with our own state-of-the-art equipment.

At Sper Scientific we understand the important role that accurate temperature readings play in your mission critical applications and we have created a full product line of highly accurate thermometers, loggers, and monitors for your needs.

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