How Do You Measure Dissolved Oxygen (DO) In Harsh Environments?

Sper Scientific

Shrimp farmers work in very adverse conditions that impact the chemical make-up of the grow-out ponds. For example, Guatemala is experiencing a drought that has caused what is referred to as the “Child’s Effect” in the shrimp industry. The Child’s Effect causes high temperatures, and increased salinity in the grow-out ponds.

Some of these farmers have turned to Sper Scientific to provide rugged, reliable, and accurate field measurement instruments to help them monitor these harsh conditions. They selected the AquaShock ® DO meter (850046K) and the Sper Scientific Optical Salt Refractometer (300006), which are ideally suited for these severe conditions.

The water in these grow-out ponds is a combination of sweet water and sea water. This shrimp farmer’s business is located in the southern part of Guatemalan Republic, in Escuintla, in a part called “Monterrico”.

According to the shrimp farmer, measuring the oxygen levels in the ponds, especially at night is critical. The oxygen levels typically fall during the night. If the oxygen level is to low they aerate the water in the ponds to increase the oxygen level.

The shrimp farmer selects the AquaShock® DO meter because it is designed and was tested to ensure accurate, reliable water quality measurement under any conditions. Results are easy to read, in any light, on the large LED backlit display. The AquaShock® is powered by a long-lasting, environmentally friendly, rechargeable battery, which allows the farmer to spend his time managing his shrimp and not worrying about his meter. The other feature the farmer enjoys about the AquaShock® DO meter is that it is very intuitive and includes all the functions he will likely ever need, including: review of 99 memories (min/max/ave) directly on the meter’s display, internal clock and calendar, temperature in °C or °F, auto-ranging, automatic and manual temperature compensation, and hold.

Sper Scientific offers two different optical salt refractometers. The 300006 salt refractometer has a range of 0 ~ 28%. The 300011 salt refractometer has a range of 0-100ppt and comes with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC). Both of these optical refractometers would be ideal for this application. The shrimp farmer did not require ATC, which is why he selected the 300006 for his farm.

For over 35 years, Sper Scientific has been committed to manufacturing reliable environmental measurement instruments that help maintain regulatory compliance and provide safer work environments. Buying direct from the manufacturer guarantees the best product knowledge and selection, customer service, technical support, and warranty fulfillment, at the best prices available.

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