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Wearable Heat Stress Meter Features
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Wearable WBGT Heat Stress Meter

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Our new Wearable WBGT Heat Stress Meter is a reliable and essential tool for accurately measuring the effects of high temperature and humidity on the human body.

Designed to meet rigorous standards, this advanced instrument provides quick-response and precise measurements, making it a perfect choice for a wide range of professionals and individuals concerned about their health during outdoor activities. This compact meter is a must-have for athletes and trainers, military personnel, industrial/occupational hygienists, outdoor workers, sports medicine specialists, and anyone who wants to monitor their well-being in challenging environmental conditions. With its versatile wearable design this meter offers unmatched flexibility and convenience in a variety of settings

  • Comprehensive Measurements
    Allows you to measure several vital parameters, including the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT), black-globe temperature (TG), air temperature (TA), and humidity (%RH). This comprehensive data empowers you to understand the impact of temperature and humidity on the body accurately.

  • Multiple Applications
    The meter offers three different application modes for ease of use. You can choose to wear it as an arm band for a wearable option, mount it on a tripod for stationary measurements, or hang it in a desired location using the included hanging feature. This adaptability ensures that you can monitor heat stroke index wherever you need to.

  • High-Sensitivity Sensors
    The meter is equipped with a high-sensitive capacitive humidity sensor and a band-gap temperature sensor. These advanced sensors deliver precise and reliable measurements, allowing you to assess the environmental conditions accurately.

  • Convenient Indicators
    The meter features a low battery indicator, ensuring that you never run out of power unexpectedly. Additionally, with the real-time alarm and heat hazard level indicator, you receive timely alerts and notifications, enabling you to take necessary precautions and prevent potential risks.

  • User-Friendly Settings
    User-selectable options allow you to customize the meter according to your preferences. You can choose between °C and °F temperature units and switch between outdoor and indoor measurement modes effortlessly.

  • Compliance
    Meets the JIS B 7922 Level 2 standard, guaranteeing its reliability and accuracy. You can trust this meter to provide you with precise measurements in accordance with industry regulations.

This is a dependable and feature-rich instrument that ensures you stay informed about the effects of high temperature and humidity on your body. Whether you're an athlete, a professional working in challenging environments, or simply someone who values their health, the TM-288 is the perfect companion for monitoring heat-related risks and taking necessary precautions.

Includes: Meter, (1) Button Cell Battery, Armband/Strap, Carabiner Belt Clip, Instructions and Factory Certificate of Calibration.

Dimensions: 4.57" x 2.36" x 1.97" (LxWxH)
Weight: 2.8 Ounces

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT)
Unit Measuring range Resolution tolerance range 15~40°C
°C 0~50.0 0.1 ±2.0 °C
°F 32.0~122.0 0.1 ±3.6 °F
Indoor & outdoor without sunshine ”IN”: WBGT = (0.7×WET)+(0.3×TG) Outdoor in sunshine ”OUT”: WBGT=(0.7×WET)+(0.2×TG)+(0.1×TA)

Air Temperature (TA)
Unit Measuring range Resolution Tolerance @15~40°C
°C 0~50.0 0.1 ±0.6
°F 32.0~122.0 0.1 ±1.1

Black Globe Temperature (TG)
Unit Measuring range Resolution Tolerance @15~40°C
°C 0~80.0 0.1 ±0.6
°F 32.0~176.0 0.1 ±1.1

Humidity (% RH)
Unit Measuring range Resolution Tolerance @25°C
%RH 30.0~90.0 0.1 ±5.0%RH
%RH <30.0 , >90.0 0.1 ±7.0%RH


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