SE9100 | Speed Meter Speedometer for Elevators + Escalators -



SE9100 | Speed Meter Speedometer for Elevators + Escalators

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This instrument is a handy-type digital speedometer for use in contact measurement of the speed of an elevator or lift, and the emergency stop distance of an escalator.

It can also measure the rotation speed of a motor  by replacing the peripheral speed ring for speed measurement with a rotary contact for rotation speed measurement (optional).

  • 3 types of measurement are available
  • 2 independent display
  • Analog output terminal to record measuring data to your PC
  • Externally triggered hold
  • Max value hold
  • Data hold
  • Data memory
  • Auto power off


    Measurement Ranges Linear velocity: 0.1 to 2000.0 m/min
    Rotation speed: 1 to 20000 r/min
    Distance: 0 to 999 mm
    Sampling rate 200 ms
    Accuracy ±2dgt (*Electrical operation)
    Analog output DC 0 to 2V
    Accuracy: ±(0.5% rdg+1 mV)
    Data hold CH1/CH2/Max. value All independently
    CH1/CH2: Hold by Main Unit panel or External triggering
    Power supply LR6 1.5 Vx4
    Battery life Approx. 20 hours
    Size / Mass H183×W50×D50 mm / Approx. 520 g

    *At 1000.0 m/min, 1 dgt corresponds to 0.1 m/min.

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