Rechargeable Dissolved Oxygen Pen with 5 Meter Cable
Rechargeable Dissolved Oxygen Pen with 5 Meter Cable
Rechargeable Dissolved Oxygen Pen with 5 Meter Cable
Rechargeable Dissolved Oxygen Pen with 5 Meter Cable

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Rechargeable Dissolved Oxygen Pen with 5 Meter Cable

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This Dissolved Oxygen meter is a pen-style tool that measures dissolved oxygen and temperature in water.

High sensitivity and accurate readings are enabled by a thin membrane kit and calibration in air. With a rechargeable environment-friendly battery, the device has a 5m cable for easy manipulation. It supports manual salinity and barometric pressure compensation and °C/°F automatic temperature compensation built-in. A big LCD with adjustable brightness ensures visibility in dark places.

The portable DO meter can measure the dissolved oxygen level in water with unit of mg/l in liquid. This meter is useful in a variety of applications where it is important to monitor dissolved oxygen levels in water, including:

Measuring dissolved oxygen value in water is critical in aquaculture operations to ensure that the fish or other aquatic organisms are getting enough oxygen to survive.

Environmental Monitoring
Dissolved oxygen levels are an important indicator of water quality and can be used to assess the health of aquatic ecosystems. The DO Pen can be used to monitor dissolved oxygen levels in lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

  • Backlit LCD with D.O. & Temperature display
  • 100% D.O. calibration in air. Chemical is not required.
  • Easy replaceable thin membrane kit with high sensitivity
  • Refill electrolyte quickly. Simple to maintain
  • Selectable % and mg/L unit for D.O. Value
  • °C/°F automatic temperature compensation built-in
  • Manual salinity and barometric pressure compensation
  • Rechargeable battery via USB type C port
  • Brightness adjustable backlight for dark places

Complete Kit includes: D.O. Pen Style Meter, D.O. Probe with 5 meter cable, plastic carrying case, rechargeable battery, USB-C cable, 1 bottle electrolyte solution, 2 replacement heads & instructions.

Function Value
DO Measuring Range 0.0~199.9 (in %)
DO Accuracy ±3% F.S (in %)
DO Resolution 0.1% (in %)
DO Measuring Range 0.00~20.00 (in mg/l)
DO Accuracy ±0.4 (in mg/l)
DO Resolution 0.01 (in mg/l)
Temp. Measuring Range 0~50.0℃, 32~122°F
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃, 0.9°F
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
Manual Compensation Included
Salinity Adjustable Range 0.0~45.0 ppt
Salinity Resolution 0.1 ppt
Barometric Pressure 500~760 mmHg/101.3~66.7 Kpa
Adjustable Range
Barometric Pressure Resolution 1 mmHg/0.1 Kpa
Auto Temp. Compensation 10~40.0℃ 50~104°F
LCD Size 30(L) *1 8 (W) mm
Operating Temperature 0~40℃
Operating RH% Humidity <85%
Storage Temperature 0~40℃
Storage RH% Humidity <80%
Sensor Response Time <30 seconds
Sensor Warmup time <60 seconds after power up
Sensor Life Time >6 months (with good maintenance)
Meter Size 176(L) * 39(W) * 39(H) mm
Weight ~265g
Battery 3.7V@500mAh
re-chargeable battery
Power Consumption 60 hours operation
(no backlight condition)
Re-charging Time 1.5 hours
Standard Package Meter (with battery built-in),
Dissolve Oxygen (D.O.) Probe,
Electrolyte, 2PCS membrane kits,
USB-type C charging cable,
Manual, Carry Case

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