Radiation/RF Strength Meter
Radiation/RF Strength Meter with Case
Radiation/RF Strength Meter
Radiation/RF Strength Meter



Radiation/RF Strength Meter

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Accurately measure radiation dose rate and RF strength with the Radiation/RF Strength Meter.

This compact meter features a 2.4” color TFT display and bar graph shows historical figures up to 20-set. The meter has a language setting, radiation dose rate alarm, RF strength warning range setting and data hold function. It also comes with a calibration factor, brightness setting, low battery indicator, over load indicator, and automatic shutdown time setting. Keep yourself safe with this robust and reliable Radiation/RF Strength Meter.

  • 4 digits, 2.4 inches color TFT LCD
  • Gamma radiation dose rate and measurement with alert indicator
  • CPS/CPM: Geiger counter count per second (CPS) / count per minute (CPM)
  • RF strength measurement and dose rate histogram
  • Bar graph display
  • Five languages: English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish
  • Battery life: approx. 10 hours
  • Audible key tone alarm function
  • Data hold

Includes: Soft Case, (1) 9V alkaline battery, factory certificate of calibration and instructions.

Weight : Approx. 6 ounces (170g)
Dimensions: 4.5”L x 2.4”W x 1.2”H (115 x 60 x 31mm)

Radiation Dose Rate and Dose
 Sample rate  1 time/10 seconds or  1 time/40 seconds
 Radiation sensor  geiger-mueller tube
 Measurement Range  0.05µSv/h~1400µSv/h  5.00µRem/h~140mµRem
 Resolution  0.01µSv/h   0.01µRem/h
 Accuracy  ±15% Cesium-137
 Gamma  energy range  10KeV~1.25 MeV
 X-rays  energy range  3KeV~3.0 MeV
 β-beta  energy range  25KeV~3.5 MeV
 CPM  0~1999
 CPS  0~212
 Dose logger interval  1~999 days

RF Strength 
 Sample rate  1 times/10 seconds
 RF sensor  Single axis sensor
 Measurement Range  0.1 ~ 14.0 V/m
 Accuracy  ±2dB at 2.45GHz
 Frequency Range  50MHz to 3.5GHz
 Range  (0.02uW/m² to 484.6uW/m²)  (0.01uW/cm² to 45.3uW/cm²)  (36.1mV/m to13.90V/m)  (0.01mA/m to 30.01mA/m)  (-46dBm to 16dBm)
 Resolution  0.01µW/m²,0.01µW/cm²,  0.2mV/m,0.02mA/m, 2dB

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