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Precision Digital Balance - 600g x 0.01g

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This Lutron digital scale has a capacity of 600 grams, with a readability range of 0.01g to 600g, and features a 4.75-inch diameter pan size.

The Lutron GM series scales are convenient, compact and portable. This elegant looking electronic balance offers unparalleled weighing performance, with the advantage of low cost and affordability. Standard features include gram and ounce weighing modes, push button tare and easy to use large LCD display. It has a built-in self-calibration system, and the calibration value can be stored internally.

Offered in a stylish and tough ABS case with stainless steel weight platter. Unit can be powered using the included AA batteries or AC power adapter. This balance can be used to measure in grams or ounces.

  • Microprocessor circuit with high accuracy & better performance
  • Wide measuring capacity: 600g x 0.01g
  • 0.01g & 0.0005oz resolution & wide measuring capacity
  • Large LCD display, 20.9 mm (0.8" digit size)
  • Built-in gram & oz display unit, select by the internal slide switch
  • Built-in self calibration system - the calibration value can memorize into EEPROM circuit permanently even with the power off
  • High precision counting scale function
  • RS-232 computer interface (requires optional RS-232 to USB cable and software)
  • Accept batteries or AC/DC adapter power source, two way power supply
  • Built-in  bubble level & adjustable rubber pads
  • Heavy duty ABS housing plastic case


LCD, 20.9mm, 0.8" digit size, 5 digits with annunciator

Measuring Range and Resolution





0.10g to 600g



0.005oz to 9.9995oz


10.000oz - 21.164oz


Min. Display Weight





Unit Select

Grams or ounces, select by internal slide switch.


± ( 0.05 % + 0.04g )

*Within two hours after self calibration be executed.

*23± 5 .

*Spec. tested under the environment RF Field Strength less than 3 V/M & frequency less than the 30 MHz only.

Sampling Time

Approx. 1 second

Tare Control

Approx. 600g max.


Load cell



Auto Calibration

Use 200g or 400g standard weight to execute self-calibration automatically

Counting Function

Sampling no. are 10 PCs, 20 PCs, 50 PCs or 100 PCs.

Data Output

RS 232/USB PC computer interface.


*Connect the optional RS232 cable UPCB-02 will get the RS232 plug.

*Connect the optional USB cable USB-01 will get the USB plug.

Operating. Temperature

0 to 50 ℃ ( 32 to 122 ℉ ).

Operating Humidity

Less than 80% RH.



250 x 190 x 70mm


Round, 120mm diameter

Power Supply

6 x 1.5V AA (UM-3) battery x 6 PCs,
or DC 9V adapter, optional

Power Consumption

Approx. DC 17 mA.

Accessory Included

Users Manual

Optional Accessories

*Software (Windows):
SW-U801-WIN, SW-E802.

*RS232 cable, UPCB-02.

*USB cable, USB-01

*200g calibration weight, WT-200

*AC/DC 9V power adapter, AP-9VA.

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