PC773 | Digital Multimeter with True RMS and PC Link | Sanwa-America.com
PC773 | Digital Multimeter with True RMS and PC Link - Sanwa-America.com
PC773 | Digital Multimeter with True RMS and PC Link - Sanwa-America.com



PC773 | Digital Multimeter with True RMS and PC Link

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The Sanwa PC773 is an 11000 count, True RMS AC multimeter with accuracy of 0.28%, a high-speed bar-graph, and a protective covering for high resistance against drop shocks.

The PC773 has an accuracy of ± (0.28%+2) for DC input voltage, with a resolution of 0.01mV, while on AC it has an accuracy of ± (0.7%+50). 

The PC773 measures voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and frequency. This True RMS multitester is meant for low voltage measurements; however, it does feature a EN61010-1 CAT. III (600V) rating for use with 3 phase systems as well as EN61010-1 CAT.II (1000V) for home appliances and similar loads.

The meter has thermo-plastic elastomer protection against drop shocks and also includes a built-in kick stand to place it upright. The device has Auto Power Save feature which turns on after 30 minutes of inactivity and is cancellable. The device also supports continuity tests and features a buzzer and LED for notification. Users can also measure temperature using the T-300 probe and PC Link7 software both of which are optional accessories.

The meters data-logging capability requires the optional optical link cable (KB-USB773), and PC Link software (PC Link7), sold separately. Once connected, the Sanwa PC Link7 software automatically starts logging measurements in real-time into a CSV file. This software can also create a trend graph making it easier for the users to analyze the data.

Includes meter, one set of test leads and instruction manual.

  • AC True RMS / 11000 Count Display
  • 0.28% Accuracy
  • High speed bar graph
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Frequency measurement
  • Data hold / Range hold
  • Relative value
  • Auto power save (30min after the last operation) (cancelable)
  • Thermo-plastic elastomer, high resistance against drop shock
  • Tilt stand
  • PC Link system 
    (requires optional optical link USB cable (KB-USB773) and software (PC Link7)
  • Temperature measurement
    (requires T-300PC - optional accessory)


          PC773 Measuring Range Accuracy Resolution Input Impedance
          DCV 110m/1.1/11/110/1000V ±(0.28%+2) 0.01mV 10M~ 100MΩ
          ACV 110m/1.1/11/110/1000V ±(0.7%+50) 0.01mV
          DCA 110μ/1100μ/11m/110m/11A ±(0.5%+4) 0.01μA  
          ACA 110μ/1100μ/11m/110m/11A ±(0.9%+20) 0.01μA
          Resistance 110/1.1k/11k/110k/1.1M/11M/110MΩ ±(0.3%+6) 0.01Ω
          Capacitance 11n/110n/1.1μ/11μ/110μ/1.1m/11m/110mF ±(2.0%+20) 0.001nF
          Frequency 110Hz/1100Hz/11kHz/110kHz/1.1MHz ±(0.01%+2) 0.1Hz
          Continuity Buzzer sounds and LED lights up at less than 30Ω
          Open voltage: approx. 0.2V
          Diode test Open voltage: approx. 0.2V
          Display Numeral display 11000
          Sampling rate 4 times/sec.
          Bandwidth 45Hz~100Hz(110mV range), 45Hz~500Hz(1.1V range),
          45Hz~1kHz(11V range and above, ACA)
          Fuse 315mA/1000V, breaking capacity 30kA
          12A/1000V, breaking capacity 30kA
          Battery R6x2
          Battery life Approx.200h (manganese battery) at DCV range
          Size/Mass H166×W82×D44mm/360g
          Safety IEC61010 CAT.Ⅲ 600V / CAT.Ⅱ 1000V

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