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Oxygen Pen | Sper Scientific Direct
Oxygen Pen | Sper Scientific Direct

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Oxygen Pen

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This pen style meter reads oxygen (O2) level and air temperature, and is easily portable and designed for simple one-hand operation. 

Reads oxygen in air for environmental studies, IAQ, bio-technology (for oxygen incubators and anaerobic cultivators), food storage and refrigeration, and testing fire alarm and fuel cell systems.

The fast, highly reliable, galvanic oxygen sensor is unaffected by acidic gases such as CO2. Simultaneously displays O2 concentration and air temperature in °C or °F. Features hold, min/max, a low battery indicator, ATC and auto-power-off. Comes with 4 AAA batteries and a soft carrying case with a belt loop and shoulder strap.

Dimensions: 7" × 1½" × 1½" (178 × 38 × 38 mm)
Weight: 5.3 oz (150 g).


Range Resolution Accuracy
O2 0 to 30% 0.1% ± (1% reading + 0.2% O2)
Temperature 32 to 122°F
0 to 50°C
0.1° 1.5°F± 0.8°C


Oxygen (O2) Levels and Exposure Effects
>23.5% Significant fire and explosion risk
19.5% Minimum acceptable oxygen level.
15 to 19% Decreased ability to work strenuously.
Impair coordination. Early symptoms.
12 to 14% Respiration increases.
Poor judgment
10 to 12% Respiration increases. Lips blue.
8 to 10% Mental failure. Fainting. Nausea.
Unconsciousness. Vomiting.
6 to 8% 8 minutes – fatal.
6 minutes - 50% fatal
4-5 minutes - possible recovery.
4 to 6% Coma in 40 seconds. Death

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