KD3 | Low Voltage Detector - Sanwa-America.com
KD3 | Low Voltage Detector - Sanwa-America.com
KD3 | Low Voltage Detector - Sanwa-America.com



KD3 | Low Voltage Detector

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This instrument is a pen style voltage detector that can check jacketed electrical wires and bare wires that use AC voltage in live wire conditions.

  • Detection with a loud beep and blinking LED
  • Slim, easy-to-hold pen-shaped design
  • Sensitivity switchable between HIGH and LOW
  • Safety design equipped with a power LED


Voltage Range
80 to 600V AC, 50/60Hz
HIGH: Works with IV2 mm jacketed electrical wire or equivalent
LOW: Works with bare live part
Detection Indicator Red and green LEDs blinks; beep sound
Volume 50 dB or more at 50cm distance from beep emitter
Light Intensity Visible at 50cm distance from light emitting section with light intensity of 8,000 lux
Dielectric Strength 1 min. at 2000V AC, from sensor to grip


Low Battery Warning Beep sounds for 2 seconds when voltage falls below approx. 2.4 V and then power is turned OFF
Operating Temperature & Humidity Range Temperature: –10 °C to 45 °C;
Humidity: 80 % RH or less (no condensation)
Battery LR44 (1.5V)x2
Battery Life Approx. 9 hours of continuous operation (approx. 7 mA during detection, approx. 1.5 mA during standby) or 3 years in Auto Power Off or OFF mode
Auto Power Off Mode Approx. 5 min. since last detection, 2μA TYP
Size/Weight H134 x W20 x D18mm / Approx. 20g

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