Coating Thickness Tester
Coating Thickness Tester
Coating Thickness Tester
Coating Thickness Tester
Coating Thickness Tester
Coating Thickness Tester



Coating Thickness Tester

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Unlock a new level of accuracy and reliability in surface coating measurements with our Coating Thickness Tester.

This cutting-edge device is designed to meet the demands of professionals across various industries, from automotive and aerospace to industrial manufacturing and quality control. It offers a seamless and efficient solution to ensure the integrity and performance of your coatings.

The Coating Thickness Tester allows professionals in a wide array of industries to ensure that coatings meet exacting specifications and standards. With its state-of-the-art technology, rugged construction and user-centric design, it's an indispensable tool for anyone engaged in coatings quality control, surface inspection and material analysis.

Precision Measurement
Provides precise measurements of coating thickness with a range of 0-1500μm (0-60 mils). This means you can confidently evaluate coatings on a wide range of materials, from metals to non-metals, with unparalleled accuracy.

Dual Measurement Modes
The device offers both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous measurement modes, allowing you to work with a variety of substrates. Whether you're examining paint, enamel, plating, or anodizing, the CT02 is up to the task.

Easy-to-Read Display
The clear and intuitive LCD screen ensures that your measurements are easily visible, even in challenging lighting conditions. The data is presented in user-friendly units, making it accessible to professionals of all experience levels.

Automatic Substrate Recognition
Significantly reduces the risk of errors during measurements. It distinguishes between ferrous and non-ferrous materials without manual intervention.

Highly Portable
Compact and lightweight, this device is designed with the mobile professional in mind. Perfect for use in the field or on the shop floor, this unit fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and goes wherever you go.

Data Logging and Storage
With the capacity to store up to 400 sets of measurement data, the CT02 ensures you can easily track and review your results, allowing for in-depth analysis and record-keeping.

User-Friendly Interface
The CT02 is simple to operate, with an intuitive interface that minimizes the learning curve. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling during prolonged use.

This meter comes complete with (2) AAA batteries, carry pouch, instructions and a one year warranty.

Measuring Ranges 0-1500μm
Automatic Shutoff Approx. 10 Minutes
Measuring Method Single/Continuous
Min. Convex Radius Of Curvature 5mm
Min. Concave Radius Of Curvature 50mm
Min. Measuring Area Diameter 20mm
Minimum Substrate Thickness Iron Based: 0.5mm / Aluminium Based: 0.3mm
Operating Current Approx. 30mA
Working Environment 0~50C/0 ~ 80%RH
Battery (2) 1.5V AAA Batteries
Item Size 4.72 x 1.89 x 1.02 (inches) /
120 x 48 x 26 (mm)
Item Weight 3.35 oz. / 95 grams

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