AP33 Analog Pocket Multimeter
AP33 Analog Pocket Multitester
AP33 | Analog Pocket Multitester - Sanwa-America.com
AP33 | Analog Pocket Multitester - Sanwa-America.com
AP33 | Analog Pocket Multitester - Sanwa-America.com



AP33 | Analog Pocket Multimeter

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The Sanwa AP33 is a tough, pocket-size analog multimeter designed to measure low power circuits.

The AP33 is a compact, analog multimeter suitable for measuring voltages and testing continuity of household appliances, and measuring voltages of electric light circuits, batteries, etc. The AP33 has an accuracy of ±5% of full scale in both AC & DC mode. The device can measure 500 volts maximum (DC & AC), and has a DC current range of 25m to 250mA. When testing power lines with the AP33 make sure not to exceed the 3.6 kVA rating. Avoid measuring lines with inductive voltages and surge voltages as they may exceed the maximum limit and damage the meter.

The device is made from elastomer material that absorbs shock from falls. It comes with high-durability nylon-woven copper test leads with removable caps feature for easier probing. It has a built-in fuse with a rating of 0.5 Amperes/250 volts, and a built-in battery (R03 (AAA battery) 1.5 V × 1).

Includes meter, test leads and instructions.

  • Elastomer material absorbs shock from fall
  • High-durability nylon-woven copper test leads
  • Easy battery check (BAD or GOOD) for 1.5V and 9V






    10/50/250/500V (2kΩ/V)

    ±5% of full scale


    50/250/500V (2kΩ/V)

    ±5% of full scale

    Battery Check





    ±5% of full scale



    ±3% arc

    Meter Type Pivot Meter
    Operating temperature / humidity 5℃~40℃  80%RH or below / No condensation
    Storage temperature / humidity -10℃~50℃  70%RH or below / No condensation
    Operating environment Altitude 2000m or less, indoor use, environmental pollution degree II
    Bandwidth 40~10kHz (less than 50V)
    Fuse 0.5A/250V    Φ5.0x20mm
    Battery R03 x 1
    Size / Weight 126H x 87W x 30D mm / 185g
    Standard accessories included

    Instruction manual

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