NR20XE Large Aperture Precision Colorimeter
NR20XE Large Aperture Precision Colorimeter
NR20XE Large Aperture Precision Colorimeter
NR20XE Large Aperture Precision Colorimeter
NR20XE Large Aperture Precision Colorimeter



NR20XE Large Aperture Precision Colorimeter

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The 3nh NR20XE Large Aperture Precision Colorimeter is an exceptional instrument tailored for professionals demanding meticulous color accuracy with a focus on large sample sizes.

Crafted with precision in mind, this colorimeter is well-suited for industries such as manufacturing, textiles, and quality control where the analysis of extensive or oversized samples is essential. With its advanced optical system and specialized features, the NR20XE provides comprehensive and reliable color data, offering users the capability to ensure consistency in their large-scale color applications.

  • Large Aperture for Versatile Applications: The NR20XE is equipped with a sizable aperture, making it ideal for measuring color on large or irregularly shaped samples. This versatility is especially beneficial in industries where standard-sized colorimeters may fall short in accommodating the diverse range of materials and products requiring color analysis.

  • Precision Optical System: At the core of the NR20XE's performance is its high-precision optical system. This technology ensures accurate color measurements, enabling professionals to achieve reliable and consistent results across diverse materials. From textiles to industrial products, the NR20XE excels in providing precise color data.

  • User-Friendly Operation: Despite its specialized capabilities, the NR20XE maintains a user-friendly interface. Professionals can navigate the color measurement process with ease, whether they are seasoned experts or newcomers to large-aperture color analysis. The instrument's intuitive design enhances efficiency, allowing users to obtain accurate color readings quickly and effectively.

  • Sturdy Construction for Long-Term Reliability: Built to withstand the demands of professional use, the NR20XE features a robust design that ensures longevity and reliability. Its durability makes it suitable for both laboratory settings and on-site applications where a dependable large-aperture colorimeter is essential.

Elevate your color measurement capabilities with the 3nh NR20XE Large Aperture Precision Colorimeter—a specialized tool designed for professionals seeking accuracy and versatility in the analysis of large and unconventional sample sizes.

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3nh  NR20XE Precision Colorimeter
Illuminating/Viewing Geometry 45°/0° 
Measuring Aperture  Φ20mm  
Special Function Especially suitable for testing surface stripe and wet products 
Locating Illumination Locating/Cross Locating 
Detector Silicon photoelectric diode 
Locating Illuminating Locating/Cross Locating 
Color Space CIEL*a*b*C*h*; CIEL*a*b*; CIEXYZ  
Color Difference Formula △E*ab; △L*a*b*; △E*C*h*  
Light Source   D65  
Light Source Device  LED blue light excitation 
Errors Between Each
Storage 100pcs standards 20000pcs samples  
Repeatability Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.08  Average of 30 measurements of standard white plate 
 Weight 17.6oz. / 500g
 Dimensions 8x2.6x3.1 inches / 205×67×80 mm
 Power source Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7V@3200mAh  
 Lamp Life 5 years, more than 1.6 million measurements  
 Charging Time First charging time is 8 hours--100% electricity  
 PC Software CQCS3 Software 
 Printer (optional) Miniature thermal printer 

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