3nh NR110 Colorimeter
NR110 Precision Colorimeter
3nh NR110 Colorimeter
3nh NR110 Colorimeter
NR110 Precision Colorimeter



NR110 Precision Colorimeter

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The 3nh NR110 Colorimeter is a powerful device designed to bring precision and efficiency to color measurement.

FREE SHIPPINGThis compact and user-friendly tool is ideal for a range of applications - from quality control in manufacturing to ensuring color consistency in graphic design and printing. With its advanced optical sensor and intuitive interface, the NR110 provides accurate and reliable color data in an instant.

  • Exceptional Color Accuracy: The 3nh NR110 Colorimeter is distinguished by its high-precision optical system, delivering exceptional color accuracy with every measurement, minimizing discrepancies in your production or design processes and delivering precise and consistent color measurements across a wide variety of applications.
  • User-Friendly Design: Designed with simplicity in mind, the NR110 features an intuitive interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable operation, enhancing user experience.
  • Versatile Applications: Whether you're in the textile industry, graphic design, printing, or manufacturing, the NR110 is a versatile tool that ensures your colors meet the desired standards.
  • Advanced Measurement Capabilities: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the NR110 goes beyond basic color assessment. Its advanced features enable users to delve into nuanced color details, making it an indispensable tool for professionals who demand a thorough understanding of color characteristics.
  • Portable and Durable: The compact and durable design of the NR110 makes it easy to take on the go, allowing for on-site color analysis. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance in diverse work environments.

Upgrade your color measurement capabilities with the 3nh NR110 Colorimeter, a reliable and efficient solution for achieving color accuracy in every project.

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3nh NR110 Precision Colorimeter
Illuminating/Viewing Geometry  8/d
Measuring Aperture                   Φ4mm
Detector Silicon photoelectric diode
Locating Illuminating Locating/Cross Locating
Measurement End Face Large stable end-face and small concave-convex end-face
Color Space CIEL*a*b*C*h* CIEL*a*b* CIEXYZ
Color Difference Formula △E*ab △L*a*b* △E*C*h*
Light Source D65
Light Source Device LED blue light excitation
Errors Between Each Equipment ≤0.80ΔE*ab
Repeatability Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.08 Average of 30 measurements of standard white plate
Weight 16oz. / 450g
Dimension 8x2.6x3.1 inches / 205×67×80 mm
Power source Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7V@3200mAh
Lamp Life 5 years, more than 1.6 million measurements
Charging Time 8 hours--100% electricity
PC Software CQCS3 Software       
Printer (optional) Miniature thermal printer

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