100 Memory Water and Shock Resistant Stopwatch
100 Memory Water and Shock Resistant Stopwatch
100 Memory Water and Shock Resistant Stopwatch

Sper Scientific


100 Memory Water and Shock Resistant Stopwatch

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Stopwatch/Timer with 100 Count Memory for Sports and Other Applications

This Sper Scientific Stopwatch stores 100 split and lap times, will count up or down to 20 hours in 1/100 second resolution and offers many advanced features. The large 3 line display simultaneously shows total elapsed time, split time, current lap time, lap counter and also indicates low battery. This unit is made of a durable black and grey ABS plastic, is water and shock-resistant, and features a built-in belt clip and lanyard to keep it handy. The rounded, ergonomic design fits neatly in your hand.

Features 4 timing modes: Stopwatch, Countdown, Pacer and Clock/Calendar

  • Stopwatch
    Recalls split and lap times as well as the slowest, fastest & average laps.
  • Clock/Calendar
    Selectable 12 or 24 hour format with alarm, calendar and hourly chime modes.
  • Count Down & Count Up 
    Displays elapsed time and counts down from a desired time.
  • Pacer
    Set from 5 to 240 beeps per minute.

Belt clip, lanyard, instructions and button cell battery are included. 

Dimensions: 3½” x 2½” x 1¼
Weight: 2.3 oz

Sper Certified
*Certification Option
N.I.S.T. traceable Certificate of Compliance available at additional cost (Select option above).

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