Vibration Meter with SD Card Logger and Infrared Thermometer / Tachometer

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Vibration Meter with SD Card Logger and Infrared Thermometer / Tachometer

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Combines an RMS vibration datalogger with a photo tachometer, non-contact IR (infrared) thermometer and Type-K/J thermocouple.

Ideal for machinery or plant maintenance allowing technicians to evaluate vibration, oscillation, and overheating using a single portable unit. Vibration level is a useful guide to the balance, alignment and general condition of pumps, motors, and other machinery while temperature and rotation changes can indicate a need for preventative maintenance. These factors allow the user to be proactive for operational as well as safety reasons.

Meets ISO 2954:2012 standard for vibration testing equipment The large backlit display indicates acceleration and velocity using the industry standard RMS units and also has peak, min/max, hold, and the max hold feature which continuously updates the maximum RMS value over a time period. A low battery indicator and optional auto off safeguard against power loss. Records data with date/time stamping to any standard SD card. All data is preformatted to Excel without the need for additional software or cables, making the meter useable right out of the box. When full, simply exchange SD cards for unlimited data storage. Additional SD cards are readily available in a variety of memory sizes.

Comes ready to use in a foam-lined, hard-shell carrying case, with universal tripod-screw, a detachable strongly magnetic probe, 6 AA batteries and instructions.

Uses optional USB Power Cable #840058 or AC Adapter #840097.

Unit of Measure Range Resolution Accuracy*
m/s² 0.5 to 199.9 m/s² 0.1 m/s² ±(5%RDG +5d)
g (where g=9.81m/s²) 0.05 to 20.39 g 0.01 g ±(5%RDG +2d)
ft/s² 2 to 656 ft/s² 1 ft/s² ±(5%RDG +2d)
mm/s 0.5 to 199.99 mm/s 0.1 mm/s ±(5%RDG +2d)
cm/s 0.05 to 19.99 cm/s 0.01cm/s ±(5%RDG +2d)
inch/s 0.02 to 7.87 inch/s 0.01 inch/s ±(5%RDG +2d)
*All stated accuracies for Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement
are @ 160 Hz or 80 Hz and within ± 5°C of 23°C
Frequency 10-1000HZ

IR Temperature
Unit of Measure Range Resolution Accuracy*
°C -30 to 305°C 0.1°C ±2°C
°F -22 to 581°F 0.01°F ±4°F
Emissivity Fixed at 0.95
D:S Ratio 6:1

Thermocouple Probe
Probe type Unit of Measure Range Resolution Accuracy
Type K °C -100 to 1300°C 0.1°C ±(0.4%FS + 0.5)from -50 to 1300°C,
otherwise ±(0.4%FS + 1)
Type K °F -148 to 2372°F 0.1°F ±(0.4%FS + 1)from -58 to 2372°F,
otherwise ±(0.4%FS + 1.8)
Type J °C -100 to 1200°C 0.1°C ±(0.4%FS + 0.5)from -50 to 1200°C,
otherwise ±(0.4%FS + 1)
Type J °F -148 to 2192°F 0.1°F ±(0.4%FS + 1)from -58 to 2192°F,
otherwise ±(0.4%FS + 1.8)

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