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RPI Lift-Away Decontaminant 1 gal

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Radioactivity Decontaminant

The best and least expensive solution.

Lift-Away™ is the best concentrated super decontaminant available for removing radioactivity. It is a biodegradable solution designed to quickly and effectively control radioactive contamination. Radioactive particles are removed from surfaces with a two-way action. First, ions which contaminate surfaces are sequestered and secondly, it lifts up and firmly suspends contaminated particles allowing the contamination to be rinsed away with ordinary tap water.

Lift-Away™ is safe to use on all surfaces including skin, cloth, painted finishes, plastics, laboratory instruments, utensils, and equipment. Ideal for washing and decontaminating all laboratory glassware. Lift-Away™ will also remove soil, grease, oil, dried blood, serum, resins, and tissue. It is non-alkaline and non-corrosive with a neutral pH.

Lift-Away™ concentrate is packaged in one gallon polyethylene bottles.

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