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Leadquick Lead Test

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Direct replacement for #2375000 HACH Lead Reagent Set LeadTrak™ kit
25 tests for under $3 per test! Used with a HACH LeadTrak™ Pocket Colorimeter™ II

LEADQuick™ Lead Test for water quality testing detects from 0 to 600μg/L or ppb levels of lead as Pb2+. The most accurate test range will be 0 to 60μg/L. The test resolution is 1ppb, the minimum detection level is 3ppb, and the accuracy is +/ -3ppb or +/ -10% (whichever is higher), when used with a Hach LeadTrak™ Pocket Colorimeter™ II.

Features and Benefits:
• Results in 5 minutes
• Quicker and easier procedure than previous methods
• Detects 3 to 600 ppb
• Determines if EPA MCL of 15 ppb is exceeding in drinking water
• Fewer reagents than previous methods
• Patented chemistry

Replacement for HACH LeadTrak™ Fast Column Extraction Method 20 Tests Part No. 2375000
• Reagent Set for Method 8317 using LeadTrak™ Fast Column Extraction
• Range: 5 to 150 µg/L as Pb
• Sample Size: 100 mL
• 20 tests/Reagent Set

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