YS3010/3020/3060 Portable Spectrophotometer
YS3010/3020/3060 Portable Spectrophotometer
YS3010/3020/3060 Portable Spectrophotometer
YS3010/3020/3060 Portable Spectrophotometer with Laptop
YS3010/3020/3060 Portable Spectrophotometer with Case
YS30 Series Portable Spectrophotometer



YS30 Series Portable Spectrophotometer

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Introducing the 3nh YS Series Portable Spectrophotometer: Precision Color Measurement on the Go

YS3010 / YS3020 / YS3060

Unlock the power of precise color measurement with the 3nh YS Series Portable Spectrophotometer, a cutting-edge device engineered to deliver accurate color data in a compact, portable package. Designed for professionals across a broad array of  industries, this spectrophotometer offers unparalleled performance and versatility, enabling users to achieve consistent color quality wherever they go.

3nh handheld spectrophotometer can easily achieve color transferring and be used as a precision instrument for color matching system. It's widely used in plastics, electronics, painting, ink, textile and garment, printing and dyeing, printing paper, automotive, medical, cosmetics, food, scientific research, schools and laboratories.

  • Advanced Spectrophotometry: The YS3010 utilizes advanced spectrophotometry technology to analyze color with exceptional accuracy and reliability. Its high-resolution optical system ensures precise measurement of color characteristics such as hue, saturation, and brightness, providing users with detailed insights into color quality.

  • Portable Design: Weighing only a few pounds and featuring a compact, handheld design, the YS Series is built for portability and convenience. Whether in the lab, on the production floor, or in the field, users can easily transport and use this spectrophotometer to measure color accurately anytime, anywhere.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, the YS Series offers effortless operation for users of all skill levels. Its simple yet sophisticated design allows for quick and easy measurement of color samples, saving time and minimizing errors in color assessment tasks.

  • Enhanced Color Consistency: By providing accurate color measurements, the YS Series enables businesses to maintain consistent color quality across various materials and products, ensuring brand integrity and customer satisfaction.

  • Improved Productivity: With its portable design and efficient operation, this spectrophotometer helps streamline color measurement processes, allowing users to increase productivity and meet tight deadlines without compromising on accuracy.

  • Cost Savings: By reducing the need for rework and minimizing color-related errors, the YS Series helps businesses save time and money in their production processes, ultimately improving efficiency and profitability.

Engineered for precision, portability and ease of use, this advanced device is the ideal solution for professionals seeking reliable color measurement performance on the go. Trust in the YS Series Spectrophotometers to deliver accurate color data whenever and wherever you need it most. 

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Optical Geometry

Reflect: di:8°, de:8°(diffused illumination, 8-degree viewing angle)

Integrating Sphere Size


Light Source

Combined LED Light, UV Light

Combined LED Light

Spectrophotometric Mode

Concave Grating


256 Image Element Double Array CMOS Image Sensor

Wavelength Range


Wavelength Interval


Semiband Width


Measured Reflectance Range


Measuring Aperture

Dual Aperture: 10mm/8mm & 5mm/4mm

Customized Aperture: 8mm/4mm/1×3mm

Single Aperture: 8mm/10mm

Specular Component


Color Space

CIE Lab, XYZ, Yxy, LCh, CIE LUV, Hunter LAB

Color Difference Formula

ΔE*ab, ΔE*uv, ΔE*94, ΔE*cmc(2:1), ΔE*cmc(1:1), ΔE*00, ΔE(Hunter)

Other Colorimetric Index

WI (ASTM E313, CIE/ISO, AATCC, Hunter),

YI (ASTM D1925, ASTM 313),TI(ASTM E313, CIE/ISO),

Metamerism Index MI, Staining Fastness, Color Fastness, Color Strength, Opacity, 8° Glossiness

Observer Angle



D65, A, C, D50, D55, D75, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12

D65, A, C, D50, D55, D75, F2, F7, F11

D65, A, C, D50

Displayed Data

Spectrogram/Values, Samples Chromaticity Values, Color Difference Values/Graph, PASS/FAIL Result, Color Offset

Measuring Time



MAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.03

MAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.05

MAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.06

Inter-instrument Error

MAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.15

MAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.2

MAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.4

Measurement Mode

Single Measurement, Average Measurement

Locating Method

Camera View Finder Locating


Li-ion battery. 5000 measurements within 8 hours





Illuminant Life Span

5 years, more than 3 million times measurements


3.5-inch TFT color LCD, Capacitive Touch Screen

Data Port

USB, Bluetooth 4.0


Data Storage

Standard 2000 Pcs, Sample 20000 Pcs


English, Chinese

Operating Environment

0~40℃, 0~85%RH (no condensing), Altitude < 2000m

Storage Environment

-20~50℃, 0~85%RH (no condensing)

Standard Accessory

Power Adapter, Built-In Li-ion Battery, User Guide, PC Software, White and Black Calibration Cavity, Dust Cover

Optional Accessory

Micro Printer, Powder Test Box

Notes: The specifications are subject to change without notice.


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