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UV Light Pen - Sper Scientific Direct
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UV Light Pen

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UV Light Pen uses new solid-state LED technology to offer a portable source of UV light built into a slim, attractive ballpoint ink pen.

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This new technology has a number of significant advantages over older products using UV fluorescent tubes and light bulbs. A more compact, rugged, and easily portable product, perfect for fieldwork, the 400 nm output is just on the edge of the visible light spectrum, low enough to cause fluorescence yet inherently safer than lower UV wavelengths.

Much longer battery life eliminates the need for power cords and battery packs. Powered by only four button cell batteries (included). Immediate output, no warm up time.

Dimensions: 5⅛" x ⅜" (130 x 10 mm)
Weight: 1 oz (28 g)

Light Source: High Intensity InGaN LED
Wavelength: Peak: 400, min: 390, max: 410
Output Power: Luminous Intensity Max. 380 mcd
Operating Temperature: -30 to 80ºC

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