Chlorine Reagent for portable residual chlorine analyzer
Chlorine Reagent 50-Pack for portable residual chlorine analyzer

Sper Scientific


Chlorine Reagant - 50 Pack for LH-C10F

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Sper Residual Chlorine Reagent (HR) is a high-quality chemical product used for measuring the residual amount of chlorine in water samples.

For use with the LH-C10F Portable Residual Chlorine Analyzer.

This reagent is specially designed to provide accurate and reliable results, making it an essential tool for water treatment plants, laboratories, and other industrial settings.

The Sper Residual Chlorine Reagent (HR) is easy to use and requires minimal preparation time. Simply add the reagent to a water sample and observe the color change. The intensity of the color indicates the concentration of residual chlorine in the sample. The reagent is highly sensitive and can detect residual chlorine levels as low as 0.02 mg/L.

50 units/packets per pack.

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