Mercury Free Min/Max Push Button Thermometer
Analog Min Max Thermometer
Mercury-Free Min/Max Push Button Thermometer

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Mercury-Free Min/Max Push Button Thermometer

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With this Min/Max Thermometer you always have three values in view: the current, highest and lowest temperatures.

You can determine the observation period yourself. Just press the push button to reset the display to the current temperature. This device is weatherproof, and not only ideal for gardening and agriculture, but also for temperature monitoring in living rooms, greenhouses, wine cellars, storage rooms or freezers.

The capillary is filled with a mercury-free, patented fluid. This product is manufactured in Germany.

  • Displays the current, highest and lowest temperatures in C and F
  • Pushbutton for reset
  • Plastic with aluminium scale
  • Uses a patented, mercury-free liquid
  • Made in Germany
Product includes
Thermometer, Instruction manual
Material Black Plastic with Aluminum Faceplate
Wall mounting
Dimensions 2.4" x 1.1" x 7.9" (60 x 28 x 200 mm)
Weight 6.2 Oz (76 g)

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