Chroma Light Meter
Chroma Light Meter
Chroma Light Meter
Chroma Light Meter

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Chroma Light Meter

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  • Illuminance in Lux or FC
  • Color temperature and correlated color temperature
  • Custom reference value of color difference

Enables precise measurement of illuminance, color temperature, correlated color temperature or color difference simultaneously shown on a backlit display.  Excellent for art galleries and museums, film and TV studios, lighting manufacturers, stores and designers.  Meets CIE photopic spectral response and color temperature.  Lux and foot candle selectable with general or LED light modes and a hold function.  Comes in a protective foam lined carrying case complete with a tripod screw, magnetic mount, 9V battery and instructions. N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of compliance available (for lux and foot candles only).

Weight:  16 oz (453g)
Dimensions: 5 ½” x 2” x 1” (140 x 49 x 29 mm)

Model Name: ST522
Light Source Source Selectable
Measuring Function Illuminance:Ev (lx or fcd)
Color Coordinate:(x,y),(u1, v1)(CIE 1960)
Correlated Color Temp:CT, ⊿uv
Color Difference:(⊿Ev, ⊿x, ⊿y),(⊿Ev, ⊿u1, ⊿v1),
(⊿Ev, ⊿CT,⊿u1v1)(One set of reference color)
Measuring Range Ev:0~80,000 lx (0~7,432 fcd)
CT:99,990 K Max.
(at 25°C/77°F, 60% RH)
±(3,000 Lx, standard illuminant A measured)
±5% + 4D x,y:±0.02 (100 lx, RGB LED Light
Resolution Ev:1(0~9,999), 10(Over 10,000), lx;
0.1(0.0~999.9), 1(Over 1,000), fcd:
CT:1(0~9,999), 10(Over 10,000), K;
x,y:0.001; u1, v1:0.001
Response Time Approximately 1 second
Temperature Drift Ev±(5% + 2 Digital)(3,000 lx,
standrad illuminant A measured)
x, y:±0.008 (100 lx, RGB LED Light)
Humidity Drift Ev±(3% + 2 Digital)(3,000 lx,
standard illuminant A measured)
x, y:±0.005 (100 lx, RGB LED Light)

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