Solar Power Meter
Solar Power Meter
Solar Power Meter

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Solar Power Meter

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Enables precise measurement of solar radiation power for the manufacture and installation of solar panels and environmental applications.

Results appear in W/m2 or BTU/ft2 on a triple tier backlit display which shows a continually updated minimum, maximum or average reading. The display also shows the tilt angle and the probe features a compass for orientation. Manually or automatically records and recalls 20 data points. Comes in a protective foam lined carrying case complete with tripod screw, magnetic mount, 9V battery and instructions.

Weight:  7 oz (202g)
Dimensions: 5 ½” x 2” x 1” (140 x 49 x 29 mm)

Model Name: ST530
Range 0~2,000 W/m2
(0~634 BTU/ft2 - h)
(at 23ºC, 60% RH)
±10W/m2 (±3 BTU/ft2 - h)
or ±5% whichever is greater
Resolution 0.00~99.99 W/m2:0.01 W/m2
100.0~999.9 W/m2:0.1 W/m2
1,000~2,000 W/m2:1 W/m2
0.00~99.99 BTU/ft2 - h:0.01 BTU/ft2 - h
100.0~634.0 BTU/ft2 - h:0.1 BTU/ft2 - h
Angular Accuracy Cosine corrected < 7% (angle < 60º)
Tilt Angle Range 0º~90º
Tilt Angle Accuracy
(at 23ºC, 60% RH)
±1.2º (≤60º), Additional temperature
induced error ±0.1º/ºC from 23ºC
Sample Time Approx. 0.4 seconds

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